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FAQ Tag 1

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Where can I find pricing?

Pricing is available through your local sales representative. Contact your local sales representative or email info@lightart.com and we can help connect you to them.

Where can I find light output?

Light output can be found on the product spec sheet on the Product Detail or Resource page.

What should I do if I am missing a component?

We take great care into our packaging–labeling small and separated items as clearly as possible. If you find that you are missing components, please contact us at info@lightart.com.

Can I order replacement parts for my fixture?

You can order replacement parts. Please contact us at info@lightart.com.

Are LightArt fixtures UL and/or CSA Listed?

Some of LightArts fixtures are UL stickered under the General Coverage Program, this is mostly limited to fixtures with traditional sockets and lamps. Some of LightArts fixtures are CSA certified and stickered.

All other products that are not certified under either program are assembled with UL/CSA recognized lighting components.

FAQ Tag 2

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