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The Artisan Collection features custom lighting, sculpture and art pieces. Most were made to order, so standard spec sheets, CAD files and IES documentation are unavailable for this line, however the latest catalogs and tech specs are featured on this page

Please contact us to learn more about our Artisan collection and project specific details.


Resource Downloads

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  • lightart-elements-pendant

    Elements Pendant

    • Spec Sheet: Download pdf
  • LightArt Elements Table Lamp

    Ribbon Drum

    • Spec Sheet: Download pdf
  • 3form lightart collection pendant elements18 1920 1

    Elements 18 Pendant

    • Spec Sheet: Download pdf
  • 3form lightart blossom studio 1920 1

    Blossom Pendants

    • Spec Sheet: Download pdf

    Dahlia Cloud

    • Spec Sheet: Download pdf
    • Revit: Download zip
  • 3form lightart collection ribbon drum 1920 1

    Ribbon Drum

    • Spec Sheet: Download pdf

    Basket Fixture

    • Spec Sheet: Download pdf
  • 3form lightart custom chandelier ribbon bamboo 1920 1

    Ribbon Bamboo Chandelier

    • Spec Sheet: Download pdf
  • 3form lightart ribbon cloud 1920 2

    Ribbon Cloud

    • Spec Sheet: Download pdf


  • BOA Plaza Lobby - Custom Ribbon Sculpture


    LightArt worked with the Redline Design Group to create a 110'L custom ribbon sculpture to occupy the BOA Plaza lobby in Charlotte, NC.

  • LightArt Declare - The Bullitt Center Project


    From a simple idea to a final fixture, LightArt tells the story of our biophilic light currently hanging in the Bullitt Center Seattle, WA

  • Case Study: Dragon


    One of our more unique projects, this case study documents the design and manufacture of our dragon light sculptures, completed in early 2012.

  • A Study in Movement - Dallas Renaissance Hotel


    Case Study video for a large-scale lobby installation for a luxury hotel in Dallas, TX.

  • Case Study: Toledo in the Fall


    A case study of our "Toledo in the Fall" project. Late 2011. Done in collaboration with Genesis Associates.

  • Case Study: 555 "Candlestick" Tower


    Our "Candlestick" Elements Chandelier.

  • The Botanicals - Conservatory of Flowers


    Using the Volunteer Park Conservatory, a 100 year-old Victorian-style greenhouse in the Capital Hill neighborhood of Seattle, as a starting point, every person in our studio was given a chance to build a light fixture inspired by nature. The end result showcases the diversity of talent and creativity abundant in our studio.