A LightArt Exhibit Premieres at the Tucson Botanical Gardens

In October we premiered a new exhibition at the Tucson Botanical Gardens.

LightArt: The Botanical Series is part of Tucson Botanical Garden’s rotating exhibition series which helps connect people with plants and nature through art, science, history and culture. According to Executive Director, Michelle Conklin, “Exhibiting this exquisite series of botanical inspired fixtures clearly demonstrates how nature inspires design.” The exhibit is comprised of LightArt’s Botanical Series, which includes a sculptural representation of flowers indigenous to the Pacific Northwest. To complement the exhibit, interpretive signage will guide visitors throughout the garden spaces to help them identify similar members of the plant family.

The Autumn Pendant
The Autumn Pendant

Inspired by flowers that dot the pacific northwest landscape, the Botanical Series presents six new pendants from LightArt’s artisans, along with President Ryan Smith and LightArt Co-founder Ahna Holder. Five of the botanical pendants take their names directly from the floriculture that inspired them - Foxglove pendant, Alpine Columbine, Snowdrop Blossom, Rhododendron, Cherry Blossom. The unique sixth pendant, the Chartreuse Blossom, was shaped from LightArt’s original Blossom pendant and expanded upon with lush, wavy green and white petals.

The Botanical Blossom Pendant
The Botanical Blossom Pendant

The pendants are the third part in a series of lighting designs that revisit the company’s sculptural roots. LightArt’s President and Creative Director, Ryan Smith, routinely gives his team of artisans a special assignment meant to foster creativity. This year the team was tasked with creating a nod to the Pacific Northwest with a fixture mimicking the native flora of the region. Each artisan was asked to select their favorite indigenous flower and recreate it through LightArt’s signature organic shapes.

The Foxglove pendant
The Foxglove pendant

The artisan’s selected shade hues reflect the true color of each flower – the soft, muted palette illuminates a warm glow and highlights the craftsmanship of the collection.


“This year’s series of Botanical fixtures are rooted in nature, taking on an otherworldly and slightly fantastical look when seen as a lighting application,” says Smith, “we love seeing what our team can create and we are so excited to partner with the Tucson Botanical Gardens to bring these fixtures to life.”

Mobile Flower Chandelier

The exhibition will be on display at the Tucson Botanical Gardens from October 12, 2019 to January 5, 2020. Visit soon to see these awe-inspiring fixtures set in the Botanical Gardens.

The Blossom Pendants