At LightArt, we are often approached with clients looking to evoke a certain feeling in their projects. Whether it's a focus on a spatial quality, a color palette, or a familiar form, the design can be directed a number of ways. In the past, projects have drawn inspiration from something as simple as a color photograph of a summer day to a quick paper model of a fluid shape.

My favorite request to date?

"I want something that's 17'-0" tall... and cool. Cool and icy."

On the opposite end of the spectrum, we get a LOT of requests for hot, fiery fixtures. Given the season, we thought it would be appropriate to drop into the LightArt vault and highlight some fixtures that truly turn up the heat!

Taking inspiration from candlesticks to celestial bodies, we’ve done some chillingly-awesome projects in sizzling hues. Journey with us from coast to sweltering coast as we showcase some of our favorite fixtures in reds, oranges, and ambers.

The best part is, our optional new LED light cores feature excellent heat-dissipation. Now your custom project can look like glowing embers but not feel like them. Get flawless illumination without overheating, so your fixture really is as cool as it appears.