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Meet the newest addition to our sconce offerings, the Square Sconce. These new contemporary sconces feature a low, slim profile and unique color palette that will become the focal point of any space. The ultra thin-gauge, lightweight shade material allows the LED's to shine and draw attention to the light display, which can match a particular aesthetic, act as a wayfinding tool or reinforce brand identity and exude personality. The shade comes in 8 standard colors including LightArt's favorite woods and hundreds of additional colors available from the extensive 3form color library.

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In addition to the countless colored shade options, the Square Sconce collection also comes with a new custom opaque shade option. The glow from the white solid-state LEDs reflects off the colored interior shade onto the surface creating a stunning color display. With this new Sconce collection, we aimed to figure out a way to radiate an illusion of color without altering the light source or changing the color of the room.

LightArt_Square Sconce_16

Each sconce has a white backplate that mounts to a standard junction box in a wall. A 0-10V dimming compatibility and 3000K, 81 CRI with a 120-227V input. The fixtures are available with a 3-8 week lead time and feature UL compliant components with a 5 year limited warranty.

Want to learn more? Check out Square Sconces here.

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