At first, these custom light fins don't really seem like a standard LightArt project, there's no organic shapes, acoustic capabilities or modular shapes.

Though with a closer look it's easy to see why these came through the LightArt shop, our unique library of material choices and integrated lighting techniques, along with LightArt's stellar custom manufacturing process. It's an excitingly different type a project, one that truly highlights LightArt's lighting fabrication capabilities.

The custom light fins captured in the shop,
The custom light fin mockup captured at LightArt studio.

These fins were created for a large high traffic, public transit hub, so they needed to be durable, CSA tested and of course beautiful to look at.

The fins are made from 3form's Vertu V Mondo. The light source is a single bar on the top hidden in the channel and shines down catching the embossed pattern texture.


The design and fabrication process went through multiple mockup rounds; building the complete fixture, sending to the designer at James Carpenter Design Associates for review, before the final look was approved.


Custom fixtures, like the light fin, are exciting projects to work on. They push the team to discover and use material and design fabrication in new ways, deepening the studio's knowledge and ready to create what ever the client dreams up.

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