Rather than forcing yourself to the gym this January, why not try a new resolution? Why not do something different, yet equally important? While we’re all for keeping our bodies healthy, what good is a healthy body without a healthy brain? After all, your mind needs stretching too! This new year, it’s time to ignite your creativity.

Creativity is an important part of life, education and what inspires all of us on an every day basis. At LightArt, we believe that all people can be creative if they let themselves, no matter what age, profession, or experience level. Creativity is like a fire. It’s fueled by a spark, an urge to see ideas become a reality. With a little kindling – the right setting, the right tools, and the right materials – that spark can ignite anyone’s creativity.

To honor our mantra, we decided to practice what we preach and we challenged everyone in our studio to create their own paper pendant in less than 30 minutes, using an inexpensive pendant assembly and ordinary office supplies. The results were amazing (and the super fun confetti blower made them even more amazing.)

The best part is, you can do the same! Anyone can use scissor, tape, and paper. It doesn’t have to be a light fixture. It doesn’t even have to look good! The mental exercise is more important than the final product. Set aside some time in your day, even just 30 minutes, and try something. Anything. Give yourself a challenge, a time limit, and force yourself to make something. Do this as often as you have time for. Try a different design each time. Once again, it does not have to look good! It’s just paper. Paper is cheap. Exercising your brain is priceless.

Ignite your creativity.